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Bezalel the Builder


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From Rabbi David

Building something sacred is some of the most important work we can do in this world. In antiquity (and this week's portion) - the sacred thing we were building was the Tabernacle (Mikdash); the portable "temple" that the Israelites carried with them through the wilderness.

In our day, and especially after the past two years, we have realized that sanctity is not only built in space (i.e. a temples and sanctuaries) but also in time shared with family, friends, and community members.

The chief artisan of the Biblical Tabernacle was a man by the name of Bezalel. His name means "in the image of God" and suggests that those of us who can recognize our own Godliness and our own holiness, like Bezalel - have the capacity to share and translate that Godliness into sacred spaces, times and experiences. Bezalel set the tone and guided the work but every single member of the Israelite people participated in the construction. The need for builders as we continually build our sacred community here at Sinai is just as real.

This isn't an ask for money or even volunteer hours but instead for you to partner with me in infusing our space and time together whether it be in carpool line, in Whatsapp groups or at Playground Shabbat - with holiness. Together we can ensure that we teach our children, together, the sacred qualities of patience, understanding, compassion, hope, and joy. In doing so we will be walking in the footsteps of Bezalel and crafting a sacred community that endures through any wilderness that lies ahead.

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