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A New Book


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  • Friday, January 20 is Ms. Gina's PK2 Family Shabbat at 9:45am.

  • Our next Playground Shabbat is Saturday, January 21 from 10am-12pm.

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From Rabbi David

This week we start a brand new book of the Torah - the book of Sh'mot. In the book of Exodus (Sh'mot) the Israelites begin a brand new journey from slavery to freedom.

These past two weeks, we've been getting ready for our new journey in this second semester. When you return you'll see a bunch of changes including two brand new student bathrooms and the beginnings of updates to our staff bathrooms. The other student bathrooms will all be re-modeled later this year. You'll also see new sink faucets and purified drinking faucets in all of our classrooms.

As we journey through this semester you'll also see our Playground transform. We are so excited to see our children explore new ways of playing, learning and growing together in our beautiful outdoor space.

We also have many new friends for this leg of our journey. To all of our new students in TGS - welcome to the family!

Please remember that early enrollment ends this Sunday. To secure your spot for next school year head on over to today.

You can also order hot lunch for the full semester up until this Sunday at noon. After that you'll need to order month by month. Hot lunch sign up is at

Can't wait to see you all as our journey continues into this new book on Monday!

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