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A Nature-Rich Environment


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From Rabbi David

One of our five core principles from our vision is to provide a nature-rich environment. This is not only because we are blessed with a beautiful campus but also because respecting and celebrating nature and the natural world is a key Jewish value. That's one of the reasons Sukkot is such a beautiful holiday. In every way, it embodies our appreciation for and wonder at the natural world.

The sukkah, lulav, and etrog all bind us to the natural elements. They teach us that with all of our technological advances - there is still beauty and mystery in the simplicity of branches, leaves, and produce.

Sukkot also reminds us that God is seen and experienced in nature: In the clouds that guided the Israelites in the wilderness; in the fragile huts that protected them; and in the fruits of the earth that represent God's presence all around us. Shaking the lulav and etrog and sitting outside in the heat can sometimes seem silly but, in fact, it is one of the most Jewish things we can do (and our children LOVE IT!)

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