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A Little Aleph

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  • School is closed for Passover from Wednesday, April 5 through Thursday, April 13. School resumes on Friday, April 14

  • Spring camp is on Monday, April 10 and Tuesday, April 11. Sign up at


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From Rabbi David

In the first word of this week's Torah portion (which is also the beginning of the third book of the Torah - Vayikra) there is a strange anomaly. The last letter, aleph (א), of that first word (ויקרא) is smaller than all the other letters. There are many interpretations as to why this aleph (א) is smaller than all the other letters but the truth remains a mystery.

In traditional Jewish schools, learning the Torah begins with this week's portion and that little aleph (א). That's because every child (and I would say ever learner) is a little aleph (א). We are all at the very beginning of our learning journeys. And if we embrace the idea that learning is life-long - we can see ourselves as eternally a little aleph (א) - a seeker and searcher always learning, growing and discovering new truths.

This is what I love so much about being with your children each day. Learning and growing for them is new and exciting. Every new skill, new discovery, and new adventure reminds them how lucky they are to be growing and becoming.

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