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From Rabbi David

This is the second time in the Torah that the Torah portion is titled something about the main character "living" when the content of the portion speaks of that person's death - in this case, Jacob. (The first example is Chayei Sarah - the Life of Sarah, in which she dies.)

Here's my take. Between work, school, bills, expectations, obligations and everything else life throws at us, it's actually pretty easy to forget how to really and fully LIVE: To let yourself go, play, laugh, smile, be silly, and just generally have fun and LIVE.

Seems to me that the Torah might be telling us all to take these next two weeks and carve out some time to do these things and to LIVE. If you need advice on how to do that, just ask your kids. They do it with style every single day and we should learn from them how to LIVE every day to the fullest. Have a wonderful winter break!

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