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How We Learn in


Gan Sinai's kindergarten program offers a blend of Reggio-inspired and project-based learning all while meeting state developmental and educational standards. Children are offered broad experiences in areas such as literacy, mathematics, science, and foreign language. In kindergarten, the curriculum changes from an “emergent” curriculum to a “negotiated” curriculum. This “negotiated” curriculum allows and encourages children to work together with their teacher to create new paths of knowledge and discovery. The project-based approach allows collaboration among children and teachers, shared experiences in and outside of the classroom, and a deep exploration of specific topics and subject areas.

Our child centered approach to kindergarten means children are active participants in the learning process. Through collaboration, shared experiences, and in-depth exploration of unique projects, students develop a rich understanding of the topics that they are investigating. By learning through projects, children establish the ability to become “masters” of knowledge related to specific topics – a skill that will serve them well as they enter first grade and beyond.

Our exemplary teachers ensure that children are offered broad Kindergarten experiences. Click on each to learn more.

Gan Sinai believes with a Reggio-inspired curriculum, children can pursue their own interests, work together, and master the concepts they need for success after Kindergarten.  Gan Sinai allows children to naturally build their passion for learning, ultimately creating a lifelong love of learning!

24-25 enrollment
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