Frequently Asked Questions


What is Gan Sinai's educational philosophy?

We are a Reggio inspired learning program that puts each child at the center of everything we do. Click here for more information.

What are the school hours?

Full Day is Monday-Thursday from 9am-3pm and Friday from 9am-2:30pm Half Day is Monday-Friday from 9am-12:30pm Click here for more information. Early and aftercare are available beginning at 7:45am and ending at 5:30pm Monday-Thursday. On Friday, aftercare ends at 5:00pm. Click here for more information.

Do you have vacation and summer camps?

We do! We offer a winter and spring camp in addition to our wildly fabulous Camp Sinai.

Does Gan Sinai follow the Miami-Dade school calendar?

We do, with some small changes. Click here for more information.

What is VPK and why should I enroll in it?

VPK is a program of the State of Florida that reimburses parents for up to 540 hours of instruction during the school year for children (4 years old) enrolled in a VPK provider school (which we are.) Click here to learn more.

How much does Gan Sinai cost?

We know that choosing an early learning program for your child is a big deal. We also recognize that it is expensive. At Gan Sinai, we are committed to being transparent about our costs and what we need to provide the highest quality learning experience for your children.​ Click here to learn more.

Does Gan Sinai serve lunch?

Gan Sinai is proud to offer delicious, healthy, and kosher hot lunch each day. You can view our monthly menu here. Lunches are $7 each and can be ordered from our Hot Lunch page.

What is the teacher to child ratio for my child's class?

We pride ourselves on our small classrooms and low teacher:student ratios. TGS (Toddlers): 8 children with 2 teachers in each classroom PK2: Up to 12 children with 2 teachers in each classroom PK3: Up to 16 children with 2 teachers in each classroom* PK4: Up to 18 children with 2 teachers in each classroom*

Can I tour the school?

Yes, absolutely. We suggest starting with our virtual tour below. That way you'll come in knowing all about our five core values. You can always come back to this video at When you're ready to come in person, just visit, fill out our inquiry form, and schedule a time that is convenient for you right online.

Is the VPK program free?

As a VPK wrap-around program, tuition is NOT fully covered by the state. You will receive credits toward your tuition due of about $2400 over the course of the year. The remainder of tuition is your responsibility.

How do I add a family member or authorized pickup to the Famly app?

Just click on your child's icon at the bottom of the screen then choose "Contacts" at the top. Here's more infomration: