Welcome to the Gan Sinai famly 

At Gan Sinai, our partnership with families is vital to each child's growth and success. That's why we use a preschool app called "Famly" to provide parents with one convenient place to find school communication, learning updates, school calendar, and more. After making your enrollment deposit, you will receive an email from Famly inviting you to log in. Please download the app (iPhone or Android) to your phone or just go to app.famly.co and login with the password you choose.

Here's how to get set up in Famly:

  1. After logging into the app, please click into your child’s profile and then click on the avatar above your child’s name. Upload your favorite picture of your little one. Next, click on the “About” tab. Please fill in all of the fields. You’ll want to do this under “Basic Info” and “Health”. You can ignore “Registration & Room Moves.” If any of your personal information such as cell phone or email changes, you can log in and update your information anytime you need to right from the app. 

  2. Next, please “X” out of “About” and update the “Contacts” tab. Please add, not only guardian names and information but also anyone you would like to be authorized to pick your child up. When you create a new contact you’ll be able to choose either “Parent”, “Family” or "Pickup". The “Family” option allows for family members to view photos and pick up your child. The "Pickup" option allows people to pick up your child. They won’t need to have the app. Please also upload your photo here and ask your other contacts to do the same so we can easily recognize everyone who may come to pick up your child.

That’s it. Now, you will receive instant information about your child’s growth and development. By using Famly, you will also receive all messages from teachers and the center in one centralized place including accident reports which you will be able to “sign” right on the app. You can adjust how you receive notifications by clicking on your avatar in the top right corner of the app and choosing “Your Settings'' and then “Notifications and Messaging”.


You can click here for a deeper dive into how to use Famly.